Austria vs. Switzerland male

The court looks still very nice and will offer perfect conditions for the first match of the day: Austria vs Switzerland.

Austria will start with Captain Martin Pühringer (DSG Froschberg), Christian Seidl (Union Waldburg), Matthias Aichberger (Union Compact Freistadt), Simon Dihlmann (Askö Seekirchen) and Nicolas Voit (Union Compact Freistadt).

Fabio Kunz will place Yannick Landolt (TSV Jona), Tim Egolf (STV Oberentfelden), Captain Rico Strassmann , Leon Heitz (both FG Elgg) and Björn Haller (FB Neuendorf) against them.

  1. Set:

Good beginning of the Austrian offense, both hitter are succesfull. Switzerland has to work a lot, but can keep the connection: 3:2 Austria. Christian Seidl seems to be in a very good shape, 4 hits and 4 points, but Tim Egolf has a good day, too, so the game still close at 6:5 Austria. Insane defense by Yannick Landolt against Seidl, but the second chance for Austria is converted by Martin Pühringer: 8:5. The jump serves of Tim Egolf become more difficult because of the wind, so more mistakes to set points for Austria 10:6. The first chance takes Martin Pühringer who sets the ball over the line directly to 11:6 and 1:0 Austria.

  1. Set:

Austria changed to the beginning of set 2: Captain Martin Pühringer leaves the court for Leonid Scheidler (Askö Seekirchen).  But that doesn’t make them weak: Again the lead for Austria and the Time Out by Fabio Kunz and Switzerland at 4:2 for Austria. Absolutely outstanding offense play of Team Austria, no chance for the swiss defense at this time. 7:3 Austria. More risk now by Yannick Landolt and Tim Egolf, but even when they score, Christian Seidl gives the perfect answer with his service: 10:6 and again four set points for Austria. Now Fabio Kunz tries another option and brings Max Krebser (TSV Jona) for Yannick Landolt in the offense. And again with an service ace ends Christian Seidl the set: 11:7 and 2:0 for Team Austria.

  1. Set:

Again changes in the break: Team Austria replaces Christian Seidl and Simon Dihlmann with Jakob Schicho (DSG Froschberg) and Lorenz Maringer (Union Nussbach). And Switzerland brings back Yannick Landolt for Max Krebser, and also Markus Butscher (FG Rickenbach-Willen) for Björn Haller. But we can’t see anything new: Even Leonid Scheidler seems to be too strong for the swiss team: 5:3 Team Austria. Switzerland winds a chance how it seems, and they can tie the game at 6:6. Time Out after two more points by Jakob Schicho, taken by Fabio Kunz to give a last briefing. Austria changes back to get the safe way: Martin Pühringer back for Leonid Scheidler and Markus Reinegger (TV Enns) for Matthias Aichberger. Now 10:7 and three Matchballs and the first one ends this match, because the service touches the line, so Team Austria wins 11:7 and 3:0.

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