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Semifinal women: Austria vs. Brazil

In first semifinal of the women are facing Brazil and Austria.

Austria begins with: Alina Rudlstorfer, Emilia Engleder, Lisa Leitner, Theresa Eidenhammer und Jana Pinsker.

On the other side in the yellow jerseys are standing Sabine Suffert, Cecilia Jaques, Laura Hessel, Inae Zanferrari and Bianca Süffert.

Referee of the game is Christiane Oberkersch.

In the beginning of the game Austria takes the lead but Brazil is fighting hard to tie the game at 7-7. The girls from Austria can get back a to point advance but two mistakes at the line bring Brazil back to 9-9. The girls in yellow become better and win 11-9.

After a mistake at the serviceline by Austria the second set starts with 1-1. So Austria takes a timeout at 4-2 for Brazil. Brazil makes some easy mistakes and brings Austria back in the game and to the lead. Brazil replaces Ceci Jaques by Emanuelli Scarduelli and can get the connection back to 8-9. Now Austria takes a little run and wins 11-8.

At the beginning of the third set Brazil is changing back (Jaques for Scarduelli) and takes the lead. But after that first point Austria is becoming stronger and makes four points in a row until Brazil takes the timeout. Now also a double change by Jorge Suffert: Paludo and Scarduelli for Suffert and Jaques. The set is going on equal until 7-4 Austria. Now Austria again makes a sprint until 11-5 and takes the lead in sets.

Now Brazil takes back Suffert and Jaques for Paludo and Zanferrari. Also this set is very tight but Brazil can win the big points. At the tie of 6-6 Brazil takes the timeout and is becoming better by this until the end of the set at 11-7.

The fith set both teams begin unchanged and Austria can take the first point to a 4-2 lead. Brazil is fighting, comes back to 5-5 and forces a timeout of Austria. Now the ralleys became much longer but more often with the better end for Brazil (9-7). The lead lasts until the end of the set at 11-8.

In the sixth set Austria changes for the first time and Magdalena Bauer enters the court for Lisa Leitner. Brazil is very focused to reach the final an leads again at the timeout of Austria: 3-1. Now its on Austria to fight but with the higher risk they made more mistakes and Brazil can build the lead. At the end Brazil was the better team and wins deserved 11-4 and 4-2.

Semifinal men: Germany vs. Brazil

In the first mens semifinal the host will play against Brazil.

Germany is sending captain Rouven Kadgien, Johann Habenstein, Johannes Jungclassen, Manuel Kögel and Hauke Spille on the court.

Her opponents are Gabriel Drumm, Joao Guiel, Marcelo Guedes, Bruno Arnold and Gabriel Heck.

The first set is pressed by long ralleys and Brazil make more of them. Supported by the audience Germany became better and can make a long run. Brazil tried to catch the Germans up but they bring their advance to the finish: 11-9 Germany.

The same picture like in the first set we could see at the second: Brazil was a little more ambitious and takes this way the lead. Again Germany has to fight for every ball and with some really amazing ralleys they could catch up to the Brazils until their timeout at 7-6. This worked and after it Germany couldn´t put a real pressure on them and the Southamericans won it with 11-8.

In the third set for the first time Germany can start better but Brazil grew up until Germany was in the back by 7-9. They took a timeout but it didn´t really help: 11-8 Brazil.

In the fourth set it became a really high class semifinal at both sides with little advantages for the Germans (7-5). Germany was very concentrated and won at the end with 11-6.

Brazil with a very good start after the five minute brake with a very fast 5-0. Germany had the possibilities to score but Brazil convinced with a very strong defense. Now Germany had some discussions with the referee who disturbed her focus and they took a timeout at 8-2. They also made a double chance and replace Johannes Jungclassen and Rouven Kadgien with Florian Fahle and Kai Mörbe. But all of that couldn´t bring the Germans back and Brazil took back the lead in sets with 3-2.

In the next set Germany changed back in their frontline but Brazil were able to make the first point. Now Germany pulled on and got a 4-1 lead. Now the boys in blue tied the game to 4-4. But Germany could get back their lead and kept it until the Brazilian timeout at 10-7. Brazil was able to defend the first two setpoints but the last one Johannes Jungclassen scored to bring Germany to the final set.

The final set was as exciting as the once before and Brazil changed again but Germany could build a lead to 6-3 when changing the sides. After one more point by the home team Brazil took their regular timeout. It looked like it worked when Brazil makes two points in a row but Germany could make a insane run to finish the set without any more Brazilian points 11-5, 4-3.

Semifinal men: Austria vs. Switzerland

In the last match of the day Austria and Switzerland will find out the opponent of Germany tomorrow.

Austrias starting five was: Martin Pühringer, Jakob Schicho (both DSG Froschberg), Nicolas Voit (Union Freistadt), Simon Dihlmann (Askö Seekirchen) and Matthias Aichberger (Union Freistadt).

Fabio Kunz tried with Yannick Landolt, Max Krebser (both TSV Jona), Leon Heitz (FG Elgg), Markus Burtscher (FG Rickennbach) and Rico Strassmann (FG Elgg).

  1. Set:

The first set is mostly equal until 3:3. Then Switzerland makes to easy mistakes and put themselves under pressure. Until 7:6 the swiss team was able to keep the distance small, but Martin Pühringer became stronger and stronger and won the first set almost alone: 11:7.

  1. Set:

Now Switzerland tried another way and took more risk, what will show as the wrong way: 6:2 Austria. Even a Time Out makes no change: Martin Pühringer scores at every position on the swiss part of the court until the set is over at 11:4

  1. Set:

Exactly the same picture in third set: Switzerland with many mistakes and Pühringer with many points. The only change is that he shows us now his insane defense skills. Easy and very fast win again for Austria 11:5 and 3:0

  1. Set:

Only one more set necessary to reach the final for Austria and no one in the stadium had doubt about it. But in the first minutes Switzerland changed this opinion. Some small leads until 4:4 let some people hope that it can get as exciting as the other semi final. But Martin Pühringer had other plans. Point after point after point until Jakob Schicho made with a drop shot the 11:5 clear and closes the day at the World Cup but not without gives all spectators a reason to come back tomorrow.

Qualification men: Switzerland vs. India

The women from the USA didn’t make it, but perhaps  India is able to get the sensation.

This five guys will try it: Gopal Chowdary, Kevin Kennedy, Kailash Chelaram, Magesh Kumar and Bhuvanash Kumar.

The favorites come from Europe from Switzerland and will start like this: Max Krebser (TSV Jona), Yannick Landolt (both TSV Jona), Captain Rico Strassmann , Leon Heinz (both FG Elgg-Ettenhausen) and Markus Butscher (FG Rickenbach).

  1. Set:

Indie can take the lead 2:1. Yannick Landolt has found the weak spot in the indian team and scores 3 in a row: 4:2. Time Out for India at 7:3 for Switzerland. They can’t bring that much pressure to the swiss defense, but sometimes they have very good actions. Now a very clever point by Max Krebser at the service line and now many set points for Switzerland. Mistake at the service line and 1:0 for Switzerland at 11:4.

  1. Set:

Again the first point goes to India but Switzerland egalizes it to 1:1. Yannick Landolt and Max Krebser to 4:1 for Switzerland. Very difficult for Gopal Chowdary Faulal at the service line, because the swiss defense stands very solid. Out of bounce by Yannick Landolt and so India gets the next point: 3:6. Time Out India after three more points by the inchanged Tim Egolf (STV Oberentfelden) and the Match ball at 10:3. And Yannick Landolt over front left to the Semi final against Austria. 11:3 and 2:0.