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Qualification Women: Switzerland vs. USA

Schweiz USA weiblich


The first match of the third day starts with the elimination round between Switzerland and the USA.

Switzerland starts with Sara Peterhans (Satus Kreuzlingen), Eva Tüscher , Sina Meier, Captain Jamie Bucher (all SVD Diepoldsau) and Lea Zeltner (FB Neuendorf).

The Americans will try the sensation with Alexx Berdej, Kate Tagliareni, Captain Christine Connelly, Bayleigh Takacs and Kelli Vogel.

  1. Set:

The USA start very ambiotious and earn the lead for it 3:2. Now the first lead for Switzerland after a service mistake by Kate Tagliareni -> 5:4. Now Sara Peterhans can score more and more, so Steve Groeber takes the Time Out at 8:4 for Switzerland. No Kate Taglareni stopped the swiss run: 9:5. Then the ace by Sara Peterhans and set points for Switzerland: 10:6. First chance is taken and the swiss go in front with 1:0.

  1. Set:

Switzerland changed in Noemi Egolf (STV Oberentfelden), Tanja Bognar and Mirjam Schlattinger (both SVD Diepoldsau) for Jamie Bucher, Sara Peterhans and Lea Zeltner. Kumali Schoen anmd Kayley Moran enter the court for Alexx Berdej and Kelli Vogel at the American Team. In fast gear the ladies in red goes in front: 6:2 after a few minutes. Time Out from USA to take the last chance at 2:8. But it doesn’t help: 10:2 and 8 Match balls for Switzerland. Nice ball by Eva Tüscher over the left front brings the Semi final against Germany for Switzerland.

Germany vs. Brazil male

This match will decide about the second place in the male group.

Maus/Schubert will send Kai Mörbe (SV Kubschütz), Captain Rouven Kadgien (VfL Kellinghusen), Hauke Spille (TV Brettorf), Johannes Jungclaussen (TV Vaihingen/Enz) and Manuel Kögel (VfK Berlin) to the court.

From South America we will see Bruno Arnold, Captain Giuel, Lucas Ledur (all Novo Hamburgo), Lucas Krockmalny (Condor) and Joao Oliveira (Sogipa).

  1. Set:

It looks like the most Brazilian matches. They have a very good defense, but have it hard to make points for themselves -> 5:3 Germany. The spectators can see, that this match has not the big importance, because it only decides who will become second and who third, but in every case they will play the semi-final against each other. But that doesn’t mean that it is boring. Especially on the german side, the rotation players show that they can play fistball, too. Time Out Brazil at 9:6 Germany. Brazil takes a little speed and become better. But at the end its not enough: 12:10 Germany

  1. Set:

Brazil sends Marcelo Guedes (Condor) on the court for Joao Oliveira. It looks effective: the game is very close: 2:2. 3:3. 4:4. 5:5. Now a sprint from Brazil and Time Out Hartmut Maus at 9:5 Brazil. Again a mistake at the service line by Kai Mörbe and set points at 10:5. Nice Bounce of Bruno Arnold to tie in sets.

  1. Set:

The German coaches react and replace Hauke Spille with Lukas Schneider (TV Eibach 03). The same picture like in the sets before. The game is very close and we see more and more spectacular defenses like this one from Lukas Schneider. 5:4 Germany now. Time Out Brazil after one more point by Rouven Kadgien. It seems that nothing can help in this set: 10:6 Germany. And the first one very smart as a drop shot by Kai Mörbe: 11:6 and 2:1.

  1. Set:

No changes on both sides. Protest by the German coaches at 1:1 about a difficult decision by the swiss referee. Amazing defense actions of Lukas Schneider, Rouven Kadgien and Manuel Kögel to tie the game at 3:3. Now every ball is fought for at the German side. So Kai Mörbe and Rouven Kadgien can score one after another -> Time Out Brazil 8:4. Joao Guiel can’t score from the Service so he has to stand there almost every point. Kai Mörbe takes 5 Match points with an straight ace-> 10:5. One mistake Mörbe, one Kadgien, but after that the mistake by Guiel and the match for Germany: 11:7.

Switzerland vs. Brazil female

Now the women are also back in the stadium. The first match is between Switzerland and Brazil.
The sun is shining, the grass is green, the people are exicted… perfect conditions.

Switzerland will start with Sara Peterhans (Satus Kreuzlingen), Tanja Bognar, Mirjam Schlattinger (both SVD Diepoldsau), Seranina Schenker (FB Neuendorf) and Noemi Egolf (STV Oberentfelden).

Directly from South America to the Center Court in Eibach are Captain Sabine Suffert , Cecilia Jaques , Laura Hessel, Bianca Süffert (all Sogipa) and Inae Zanferrari (Curitibanos).

  1. Set:

Both hitter with a very good play at the service line. No long rallys so far: 3:3. Spectacular rally from both sides, especially by Bianca Süffert, who got the point at the end. Very nice match so far. Mostly the better end at the moment and therefore the Time Out by Switzerland: 6:3 Brazil. It is a high class match what we see here, but Brazil is a little better at the moment, but not that much how it looks on the score: 9:4 Brazil. Two service mistakes now by Sabine Suffert and her coach takes the Time Out at 9:7. Apparently she got the right advices: ace to set points 10:7. After one more very long rally Süffert can finish it and 11:7 and 1:0 for Brazil.

  1. Set:

Switzerland changed for the second set: Lorena Lipp (SVD Diepoldsau) enters the court for Noemi Egolf. Brazil starts again with a good service and can build a lead. Tanja Bognar tries another tactical way for her attacks and looks succesfull with it. Time Out Brazil at 5:4 for Switzerland. It is still a very good game and the swiss girls are getting lots of self confidence from her visitors. 7:7 now. Two points in a row for Brazil and immediately the Time Out from Michael Suter. Very Strong attack by Sabine Sutter lead to three set points at 10:7. The second chance is used by Brazil to win the second set 11:8 and build their lead to 2:0.

  1. Set:

Unchanged Teams back on the court for set 3. Switzerland hasn’t given up themselve. 3:2 Switzerland. Many aces by Tanja Bognar keeps Switzerland in the game, but to win this set she needs a little help from her defense -> 5:5. Brazil with the right way on the gearshift: 8:6 Brazil. Tanja Bognar doesn’t think that losing is funny and makes two strong balls for the tie to 8:8. Two amazing defenses by Bianca Süffert and finished by Sabine Suffert for two match balls at 10:8. The last point of the match describes the complete game: Very good ball from Tanja Bognar, but also very good defense by Brazil and at the end the point for the South Americans: 11:8 and 3:0

Germany vs. Austria female

It’s the last match of the first round and also the key game for the first place in the group between the women of Germany and Austria.

Germany begins with Captain Svenja Schröder (TV Eibach 03), Marie Hodel (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Ida Hollmann (TV Brettorf), Laura Kauk and Merle Bremer (both TV Jahn Schneverdingen).

Their opponents are Aline Rudlstorfer (Union Reichenthal), Magdalena Leibetseder (FBV Grieskirchen), Lisa Leitner (Union Waldburg), Jana Pinsker (DSG Hirschbach) and Theresa Eidenhammer (UFG Grießkirchen)

  1. Set:

Bad start from the ladies in Red: two service mistakes and two good services by Svenja Schröder make 4:1 for Germany -> Time Out Austria. After two more gained points Team Austria changed: Emilia Engleder (Union Compact Freistadt) for Magdalena Leibetseder. But not really a change until here: 7:3 Germany. Point after point goes Germany for the Win in the group: 9:5. Two line-mistakes finishes the set for Germany: 11:6.

  1. Set:

No changes, but now Engleder is at the service line for Rudlstorfer. Team Austria now better and Marie Hodel isn’t very effective at the service, so 3:1 Austria. Team Austria is much better now and Germany under pressure: 5:2 for Austria and double change in the german team: Liza Martens (TSV Wiemersdorf) and Karen Schulz (TK Hannover) for Merle Bremer and Ida Hollmann. Very artistic point by Marie Hodel to 4:5 and another one directly behind it and the tie at 5:5. Marie Hodel  is on the way to be the match winner, again two points: 8:7 Germany. Two unnessecary mistakes on the german side brings the lead to Austria: 9:8. Now nervous teams on both sides. Easy mistakes tie the game at 10:10. Two more points bring the set to Austria with 12:10.

  1. Set:

Ida Hollmann is back on the court for the german team for Liza Martens. Again a spectacular point by Marie Hodel for the first lead in the third set 2:1. Svenja Schröder shows the first time in this match the reason why she is main hitter of Germany: two points for the 4:3 and Time Out Austria. Austria extremely under pressure, while Germany is on fire: 8:3 Germany. At 9:3 for Germany, Team Austria replaces Emilia Engleder with Kerstin Bergner (STSV Salzburg). Doesn’t help: 10:3 and Time Out Germany, to change: Henriette Schell (TSV Calw) and Katja Hutz (Ohligser TV) for Svenja Schröder and Marie Hodel. After two points by Alina Rudlstorfer comes the mistake to 11:5 and 2:1 Germany.

  1. Set:

Team Austria with two changes: Magdalena Bauer (Union Arnreit) and Emilia Engleder enter the court for Kerstin Bergner and Lisa Leitner. Fast start of the german team: Henriette Schell with an ace to 3:1. Theresa Eidenhammer leaves the court for Magdalena Leibetseder. After a 5 point run of Germany the first point for Team Austria to 2:6. The Germans take the chance to make a substitution: Auguste Grothoff (TV Eibach 03) for Laura Kauk. But that is no weakening -> 9:2 Germany. After an ace of Henriette Schell, Germany has Match balls to win the group: 10:4. The service touches the line and that’s it: 11:4 3:1.