Qualification men: Switzerland vs. India

The women from the USA didn’t make it, but perhaps  India is able to get the sensation.

This five guys will try it: Gopal Chowdary, Kevin Kennedy, Kailash Chelaram, Magesh Kumar and Bhuvanash Kumar.

The favorites come from Europe from Switzerland and will start like this: Max Krebser (TSV Jona), Yannick Landolt (both TSV Jona), Captain Rico Strassmann , Leon Heinz (both FG Elgg-Ettenhausen) and Markus Butscher (FG Rickenbach).

  1. Set:

Indie can take the lead 2:1. Yannick Landolt has found the weak spot in the indian team and scores 3 in a row: 4:2. Time Out for India at 7:3 for Switzerland. They can’t bring that much pressure to the swiss defense, but sometimes they have very good actions. Now a very clever point by Max Krebser at the service line and now many set points for Switzerland. Mistake at the service line and 1:0 for Switzerland at 11:4.

  1. Set:

Again the first point goes to India but Switzerland egalizes it to 1:1. Yannick Landolt and Max Krebser to 4:1 for Switzerland. Very difficult for Gopal Chowdary Faulal at the service line, because the swiss defense stands very solid. Out of bounce by Yannick Landolt and so India gets the next point: 3:6. Time Out India after three more points by the inchanged Tim Egolf (STV Oberentfelden) and the Match ball at 10:3. And Yannick Landolt over front left to the Semi final against Austria. 11:3 and 2:0.

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