Semifinal men: Austria vs. Switzerland

In the last match of the day Austria and Switzerland will find out the opponent of Germany tomorrow.

Austrias starting five was: Martin Pühringer, Jakob Schicho (both DSG Froschberg), Nicolas Voit (Union Freistadt), Simon Dihlmann (Askö Seekirchen) and Matthias Aichberger (Union Freistadt).

Fabio Kunz tried with Yannick Landolt, Max Krebser (both TSV Jona), Leon Heitz (FG Elgg), Markus Burtscher (FG Rickennbach) and Rico Strassmann (FG Elgg).

  1. Set:

The first set is mostly equal until 3:3. Then Switzerland makes to easy mistakes and put themselves under pressure. Until 7:6 the swiss team was able to keep the distance small, but Martin Pühringer became stronger and stronger and won the first set almost alone: 11:7.

  1. Set:

Now Switzerland tried another way and took more risk, what will show as the wrong way: 6:2 Austria. Even a Time Out makes no change: Martin Pühringer scores at every position on the swiss part of the court until the set is over at 11:4

  1. Set:

Exactly the same picture in third set: Switzerland with many mistakes and Pühringer with many points. The only change is that he shows us now his insane defense skills. Easy and very fast win again for Austria 11:5 and 3:0

  1. Set:

Only one more set necessary to reach the final for Austria and no one in the stadium had doubt about it. But in the first minutes Switzerland changed this opinion. Some small leads until 4:4 let some people hope that it can get as exciting as the other semi final. But Martin Pühringer had other plans. Point after point after point until Jakob Schicho made with a drop shot the 11:5 clear and closes the day at the World Cup but not without gives all spectators a reason to come back tomorrow.

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