Semifinal men: Germany vs. Brazil

In the first mens semifinal the host will play against Brazil.

Germany is sending captain Rouven Kadgien, Johann Habenstein, Johannes Jungclassen, Manuel Kögel and Hauke Spille on the court.

Her opponents are Gabriel Drumm, Joao Guiel, Marcelo Guedes, Bruno Arnold and Gabriel Heck.

The first set is pressed by long ralleys and Brazil make more of them. Supported by the audience Germany became better and can make a long run. Brazil tried to catch the Germans up but they bring their advance to the finish: 11-9 Germany.

The same picture like in the first set we could see at the second: Brazil was a little more ambitious and takes this way the lead. Again Germany has to fight for every ball and with some really amazing ralleys they could catch up to the Brazils until their timeout at 7-6. This worked and after it Germany couldn´t put a real pressure on them and the Southamericans won it with 11-8.

In the third set for the first time Germany can start better but Brazil grew up until Germany was in the back by 7-9. They took a timeout but it didn´t really help: 11-8 Brazil.

In the fourth set it became a really high class semifinal at both sides with little advantages for the Germans (7-5). Germany was very concentrated and won at the end with 11-6.

Brazil with a very good start after the five minute brake with a very fast 5-0. Germany had the possibilities to score but Brazil convinced with a very strong defense. Now Germany had some discussions with the referee who disturbed her focus and they took a timeout at 8-2. They also made a double chance and replace Johannes Jungclassen and Rouven Kadgien with Florian Fahle and Kai Mörbe. But all of that couldn´t bring the Germans back and Brazil took back the lead in sets with 3-2.

In the next set Germany changed back in their frontline but Brazil were able to make the first point. Now Germany pulled on and got a 4-1 lead. Now the boys in blue tied the game to 4-4. But Germany could get back their lead and kept it until the Brazilian timeout at 10-7. Brazil was able to defend the first two setpoints but the last one Johannes Jungclassen scored to bring Germany to the final set.

The final set was as exciting as the once before and Brazil changed again but Germany could build a lead to 6-3 when changing the sides. After one more point by the home team Brazil took their regular timeout. It looked like it worked when Brazil makes two points in a row but Germany could make a insane run to finish the set without any more Brazilian points 11-5, 4-3.

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